Indiana Emergency Medicine Political Action Committee

The Indiana Emergency Medicine Political Action Committee (IEMPAC) is an important part of the lobbying efforts of the Indiana Chapter of the American College of Emergency Physicians and we need your support to keep it alive. Simply put, IEMPAC helps push pro-emergency medicine legislature through our statehouse.  IEMPAC is the only method we can use to donate directly to our legislators’ campaigns and helps earn us the trust of the lawmakers.

Consider your donation to be like insurance for your practice and profession.  Without it, we have less say in what happens at the statehouse and other parties end up making the decisions on issues pertaining to our profession and patients.  Just like any other insurance (i.e. malpractice insurance), it needs to be funded appropriately.  You would never consider not paying your malpractice insurance, and similarly you should regularly donate to IEMPAC.

IEMPAC allows Indiana’s emergency physicians to support legislators who support our positions. Over years past, the General Assembly has listened to Indiana’s emergency physicians on a number of issues including opioid prescribing, the INSPECT program, scope of practice for non-physicians & Physician Ordered Scope of Treatment (POST) to name a few. Our input was important to effect change in these programs and sometimes stand in opposition at the request of INACEP members. The access we were able to gain to legislators was helped by our regular contributions to them via IEMPAC.  Similar to previous years, the next year’s session of the Indiana General Assembly will be important for Indiana’s emergency physicians. We have to continue to promote and protect our specialty.  Please consider a contribution of a ¼ shift to IEMPAC today.  Groups may also make a collective contribution if so desired (requires a roster submission).  To contribute, please click on the “contribute today” button on the right or make your check out to IEMPAC and send it to:

Indiana ACEP
PO Box 17136
Indianapolis, IN  46217

Thanks for your support.

Chris Burke MD, FACEP